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Disclaimer: Language may feel condemning.

Gary is currently in the process of updating the language of these articles to make them more accessible to any that comes across this website.

Gary states that "my articles in their current form will likely be more of a burden than a blessing. Perhaps one and then the other in time. I never intended them for this reason. But for the good of all always and consistently.

I seek to put up a little disclaimer because my understanding and the creation of such understanding (meaning: my understanding put into a very specific combination of words created in response to a very specific problem or question that was asked somewhere in time) exist out in the world where someone could, due to no fault of their own or my own, experience the exact opposite of what I intended them for and someone intended to read them for - education & empowerment - for the good of all involved. 

Also, if you'd like to re-purpose any of the content, please do not cite my name and website unless you have my direct approval. If I have yet to give you my authority, please just use the analogy, thought, theory, or whatever you want for whatever you want without feeling like you need to link to me.

Also, this disclaimer invites any passersby to contact me via the contact form on the website ( to seek clarity regarding them and how they apply to you and your marketing efforts. If I am able to, I will provide more context for you to look over in hopes that it helps with your ability to be empowered in your marketing efforts through my writings as I originally intended, as well as in business and life overall going forward. 

Until I can fulfill my vision for the content on this website or elsewhere that I create, please do not take this disclaimer lightly and also understand it applies to everything you read or hear in the world that you yourself did not create - you don't know all the context of what prompted them to create it - be careful how you let it get used for or against you or someone else. No man is your enemy. Certainly not me. Well, maybe in ignorance we all are each other's enemies,...but that's the whole point of the disclaimer, right? A remembrance and invitation out...Are we there yet? What we all know but hide away is that nothing needed to be said at all; neither the content nor the disclaimer to the content needs to exist but in ignorance for the sake of survival and growth. 

A true teacher knows he can only speak to awaken the teacher within their student. And it's this understanding that helps shape the form the message takes, with each and every moment bringing about new possibilities to life for the student, but it will be the person who does it and not their "teacher" and no matter how many times these shapes have to change for the sake of survival and growth, love, creation, the message stays the same the whole time, from beginning to end. So with each passing moment, I am reflecting and awaiting the one that empowers me to update the content to such perfection it doesn't cause even a moment of harm to any. Until that moment, I humbly ask that you seek clarity from me directly before condemning yourself, another, or even myself using the content that I created in the image of my understanding because the question was asked, and I felt compelled by love to answer it.

I will never give you the ability to market your business or yourself; it's not possible. In truth, I will never be able to do it for you, either. I can only educate and empower you, and yet, even then, until you are consciously doing that for yourself, I am likely just a stumbling block or a laughing stock to you under the current approach of the articles - not my approach or intent(or yours), but the language itself and structure of information leading to an understanding in you of something which empowers YOU to move forward in whatever direction you move

Context. Clarity. Ability. Not the other way around. Who puts the cart before the horse and thinks they have a chance?.....ignorance does, that's who. Someone who is learning and growing, that's who. Nothing wrong with putting the cart before the horse at first. How else would you learn it wasn't the right way? 

Nothing wrong with wanting what you don't have and following the patterns of those who came before to get it until you realize it doesn't actually get you what you want while respecting your entire self/everyone else. Isn't that just hope? Faith? Love? Learning? Growing? Or are you and thus everyone else still evil and dying? 

How else did you learn to do anything? Walk? You wanted something you didn't have, and you likely put the cart before the horse many times before you taught yourself to walk, and all so you could go get what you wanted, and certainly not because someone told you that you had to learn how to walk, but because desire equals ability.

Belief equals action.

Context educates clarity, and clarity empowers ability.

I can't give you the ability you seek, and you can't have life from my words.

You are that ability, and you need not do anything to be it. So, stop condemning yourself. Where is your accuser? Who said you did anything wrong? Who said you were evil? Who? Are you sure that is what they actually intended those created images of themself for? 

If not, give me a call. I prolly won't answer. Leave a VM, and I may call back. Send an email or text. I will read it and reply, but I might not send it to you. Stop worrying. How? Context. Clarity. Ability. It's how you got here, after all, so why would the way forward be any different than the way you got here? How could this be? (I am alluding to the underlying processes of creation that we currently judge ignorantly and thus have manifested a world as such. The world reflects it does not affect, except in ignorance does the world affect instead of reflect.)

Until we "meet" again.

Continue to control the controllable in love. Leave the rest to faith and hope in love. Whatever that means. You decide I guess.

Forgive their ignorance; it's yours.

Fight for their goodness; it's yours too.

Start with yourself; some say to have done that already, but we all will have at one point, so do not fear or make haste, the day is today, how could it be anything else?

As I said at the beginning, just make sure to keep my name out of your mouth unless I send you out with it. And even then, if I do send you out with it, don't forget what I sent you out with it for or make it say something I didn't create it for, while citing me; otherwise, you may rightly receive the rebellion of hypocrisy from the one you have ignorantly represented me to and be out there all alone with no one to help you both. For the sake of survival and growth, creation.

Do not fear. Start. Then start again. Then start again. What is fear but what we need it to be, what we created it for. You were always in control. You got this. You can do it. Look at you go now, back then, you couldn't even walk. And before that....and at one point, you were a single cell inside your mother's womb, a creation of your parents in ignorance. And look at you now. How else did you get here? How else will you move forward? What is here or there and what is backward and forward that you would question yourself on behalf of them?"

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