Discover whether WordPress is the right choice for your company intranet. Explore the benefits, costs, and management aspects to make an informed decision.

Yes, WordPress can be an excellent platform for a company intranet, but there are some key considerations to keep in mind.

1. Understanding How WordPress Works

WordPress is a free and open-source platform, making it an appealing option for many businesses. However, the basic WordPress setup won’t suffice for a fully functional intranet. To add the necessary functionality, you’ll need to incorporate themes and plugins. Selecting the right themes and plugins can be complex and requires some research to ensure they meet your specific needs.

2. Pricing Considerations

While the core WordPress software is free, the themes and plugins required to power your intranet with the desired features typically are not. These additional components can range from $50 to $300 each annually, akin to software subscriptions. Depending on the functionality you need, you could incur additional costs beyond website hosting (around $30/month for a decent plan) and domain registration (approximately $30/year).

3. Ongoing Maintenance

WordPress requires regular updates for both features and security. These updates need to be performed consistently, and occasionally, an update might cause issues that require troubleshooting and resolution. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your intranet running smoothly and securely.

4. Intranet Management

Using and managing a WordPress intranet involves a learning curve, especially for those handling backend tasks. Depending on whether you’re an end user or responsible for backend management, some training and familiarity with the platform will be necessary.

5. Initial Creation Costs

Even though WordPress simplifies website creation, you’ll likely want professional assistance to plan and build your intranet. Professionals can ensure that your site is set up correctly, train your staff on how to use it, and provide ongoing maintenance and management support.

6. Comparing WordPress to Prebuilt Subscription-Based Intranets

WordPress compares favorably in terms of features when pitted against prebuilt, subscription-based intranet solutions. WordPress can even support social media aspects and various other third-party integrations. Essentially, with WordPress, you’re building a private website accessible from any device with a data connection, ensuring mobile-friendliness without the need for a separate mobile app. Another significant advantage of using WordPress is that you own 100% of your intranet. With subscription-based solutions, you don’t own the platform—if the provider goes out of business, your intranet could disappear. Furthermore, you’re dependent on their support schedule.

The cost of a custom-built WordPress intranet varies based on your specific needs. Generally, the initial setup can range from $3,000 to $9,000, with annual maintenance and management costs under $2,000 (covering technology and ongoing professional assistance). In contrast, subscription-based solutions might cost around $15,000 annually for 100 users ($12 per user per month). Therefore, depending on the number of users, owning your intranet can be more cost-effective both initially and over time, especially since there is no limit to the number of users.

Making the Right Choice

The best way to determine if a WordPress intranet is right for your company is to speak with an expert. Gary can help you assess your needs and decide whether a custom WordPress intranet is the best solution. If you decide to proceed, Gary can also assist with the creation, management, and maintenance of your intranet, ensuring it meets your company’s unique requirements.