Yes, in addition to Gary’s fee, there are technology costs, which can be monthly or annual. Gary will help you understand these costs and set up everything during the creation service.

Website Hosting

Because Gary builds your website with your long-term ownership and use in mind, you will also need your own website hosting account. Gary will help you set this up during the website creation service. Most website owners can expect to spend between $16 and $35 monthly on website hosting.

Domain Name

A domain name is your website’s online address. For example, this website’s domain name is Gary will help you set this up if you don’t have it already, and you can expect to pay around $30 a year for it.

Website Maintenance and Management

There is also the potential for maintenance costs post-launch. As a part of the creation process, Gary can train you on how to maintain and manage the site, or you can opt for Gary’s ongoing maintenance and management service, which starts at $80/month and scales from there depending on the complexity of the site and management services needed each month.

Third-Party Technology Costs

Depending on the type of site you desire, there might be additional third-party costs, similar to computer software, that are paid via a monthly or annual subscription.

Another third-party cost is payment processing fees for online purchases. If you want to take payments on your website, Gary will have to set up and integrate a payment processor, which charges a small fee per transaction.