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Transform Your Online Identity with a Hassle-Free Web Design Experience.

Gary streamlines the journey to creating a website that’s as unique as your business or brand, leveraging the latest in web development technology to eliminate complexities and reduce costs. 

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Why Choose Gary's Services?

  • Streamlined Process: Combining design and development into a single phase, Gary's approach saves time and streamlines communication, ensuring your website comes to life faster and more efficiently than ever before.

  • Clear, Upfront Pricing: Get started with a custom website from Gary at a starting price of $750 (one-time payment) and a $50/month recurring fee for ongoing support. Experience transparency with no hidden costs.

  • Tailored to Your Brand: Each website is crafted to embody your brand’s unique essence, ensuring your online presence is distinctive and memorable.

  • Personalized, Jargon-Free Collaboration: Work directly with Gary, who speaks your language and makes web development accessible, ensuring you’re involved and informed at every step.

Barrie Hudson, Creative Director at Colorado Home Realty
"Gary is the best. Super knowledgeable, very amazing partner!"
Barrie, Colorado Home Realty

Gary's Unique Process:

  • Discovery: Diving deep into your brand's ethos, needs, and vision to set the stage for a tailored website.

  • Design & Development Combined:

    • Live Prototyping: View your website in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback and adjustments, ensuring a perfect alignment with your vision.

    • Iterative Development: Gary incorporates your content and refines the site based on your feedback, prioritizing your satisfaction.

    • Testing and Review: Comprehensive testing across devices and browsers, with ample opportunity for your final review before launch.

  • Launch and Beyond: Smoothly launching your site, with post-launch testing to ensure perfection. Gary offers ongoing support and collaboration for future growth and enhancements.
Cody Bergan, Owner at Bergan and Company
"Gary is great. I am thrilled with our results thus far. Even more important is the fact that he responds promptly and meets deadlines. I have been with multiple web developers who sign you up but then disappear. I trust Gary to take care of business and be our partner, not just our "website dude".
Cody, Bergan & Company

Understanding the Costs:

Building a website with Gary involves two main categories of costs, clearly outlined for transparency and planning:

  1. Technology Costs: These are costs associated with owning a website, such as hosting, domain registration, and software subscriptions. While these costs are your responsibility, Gary will guide you through understanding and selecting the best options tailored to your needs.

  2. Gary's Fee: This covers the planning, design, development, and launch of your website, utilizing Gary's streamlined process. The one-time fee starts at $750, with a recurring monthly fee of $50 for ongoing support and maintenance.
Mark McClurg, Owner at Mortgage Navigators
"Gary has done a great job of restructuring our website. He is very thorough in explaining the many facets of website design and the importance of doing it the right way to get the best results. I look forward to working with Gary on further modifications and enhancements."
Mark, Mortgage Navigators

Diverse Website Expertise

Gary Johnson offers comprehensive support across various website types. From establishing a robust online presence for businesses to creating engaging platforms that foster community engagement, Gary's expertise ensures your digital objectives are met with precision and creativity.

Types of Websites Gary Can Help With:

  1. Website Rebuilding: Using your current website as a foundation, Gary meticulously reconstructs it on cutting-edge technology platforms, ensuring it meets the highest web and SEO standards for today's digital age.
  2. Business/Corporate Websites: Enhancing company brands, products, and services online.
  3. E-commerce Websites: Building platforms for direct online sales to consumers.
  4. Portfolio Websites: Showcasing the work of artists, photographers, designers, and freelancers.
  5. Blogs: Engaging audiences with compelling written content.
  6. News Websites: Delivering timely and informative coverage of current events.
  7. Educational Websites: Providing resources and content for learning and teaching.
  8. Non-profit and Charity Websites: Promoting missions and causes.
  9. Community and Social Networking Websites: Connecting people with shared interests.
  10. Personal Websites: Sharing individual stories, hobbies, or projects.
  11. Event Websites: Managing and promoting events.
  12. Membership Websites: Offering exclusive content to members.
  13. Forums and Discussion Boards: Hosting community discussions on various topics.
  14. Landing Pages: Focusing on specific marketing campaigns or product launches.
  15. Wiki or Knowledge Base Websites: Sharing informational resources.
  16. FAQ Websites: Answering common questions in a domain.
  17. Review Sites: Providing product, service, or business reviews.
  18. Directories and Listing Websites: Listing businesses or products in a searchable format.
  19. Real Estate Websites: Showcasing real estate listings and services.
  20. HOA Community Websites: Developing platforms for Homeowners Associations to facilitate communication, share important updates, and manage community resources effectively.
  21. Company Intranets: Creating secure, internal networks for companies to enhance internal communication, collaboration, and information sharing among employees.
  22. Web-to-App Conversions: Transforming your website into a user-friendly mobile app to enhance accessibility and engagement for your community or user base.
  23. Dealership Website Services: Crafting dynamic websites for car and motorcycle dealerships to enhance the buying experience and drive sales, ensuring dealerships stand out in a competitive market.
  24. Accessibility-Optimized Websites: Designing websites that ensure inclusivity and usability for persons with disabilities, adhering to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards to provide an equitable and barrier-free web experience.

Through a strategic and collaborative approach, Gary ensures that each website is visually appealing, functional, and optimized for achieving your specific objectives, whether to inform, engage, sell, or connect.

Doug Phelps, Real Estate Agent
"Gary has a profound understanding of his craft, consistently going the extra mile to grasp my objectives and goals. His expertise has been instrumental in enhancing my online presence and communication with my clients and prospective clients. Under his guidance, my website has not only evolved but also remains current, secure, and well-maintained, relieving me of any concerns. Whether it's a need for updates or backups, Gary addresses it swiftly, often within hours, and keeps me informed with monthly status reports. His dedication to small businesses is evident, ensuring that my digital platform is effectively managed and always responsive to my needs."
Doug, Real Estate Agent

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