Breaking Into Lives: The Real Work of Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

Explore the essence of marketing for small businesses: a journey of hard work, strategic engagement, and genuine value creation. Learn how dedication shapes successful marketing efforts.
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Marketing for small and local businesses is often misunderstood, shrouded in myths of quick fixes and instant results. The truth, however, is far more complex and rewarding. At its core, marketing is about breaking into people’s lives, not with intrusion, but with the intent to create and offer value. This post aims to demystify marketing, setting clear expectations for what it really entails and highlighting its role in business growth and customer service.

Marketing Adds, Not Subtracts

One fundamental truth about marketing is that it adds to your workload. This isn’t a negative aspect but rather a reality check. The business world is not a utopia where one brand or type fits all. Competition exists to vie for attention and drive continuous improvement and innovation. However, this landscape leaves consumers overwhelmed and unsure. That’s where marketing comes in—your opportunity to enter their lives, understand their needs, and deliver value that resonates.

The Challenge of Connection

Marketing requires more than just creating a product or service; it demands that you connect with potential customers meaningfully. This involves identifying their challenges, offering solutions, and knowing how to ask for and close sales in a manner that aligns with your business type. It’s a dual task: running your business and running the marketing that makes your business visible and viable.

The Entity of Business

A business, in essence, is its own entity with its own set of requirements for survival. As a business owner, you’re responsible for not only the product or service you offer but also for managing the entity that is your business. By its nature, marketing is an extension of this responsibility—it’s an additional, albeit different, kind of work. Yet, it’s crucial work that deepens your understanding and service to your customers, evolving your business in the process.

Marketing as Education

Think of marketing not just as selling but as educating. It’s about providing potential customers with the context they need to make informed decisions that are right for them. This requires a level of detachment from immediate outcomes, which is often where business owners struggle. Expecting a direct return on investment from every marketing effort can lead to frustration. However, effective marketing—content that genuinely adds value—does yield returns, albeit in a more nuanced and long-term sense.

Investment and Return

The real return on marketing comes from understanding its impact on your business’s continued life, success, and growth. The more control and accountability you take, the more you invest in understanding and serving your customers, the stronger your business will grow. This investment in marketing is not just a business lesson; it’s a life lesson. It prepares you for adaptability, teaching you that even if your industry faces challenges, the skills and insights you’ve gained can be applied elsewhere, leading to new successes.


Marketing for small and local businesses is an intricate blend of adding value, educating customers, and understanding the broader role of your business in their lives. It’s about making connections that matter, offering solutions that resonate, and building a business that thrives on genuine relationships and continuous improvement. Yes, marketing adds to your workload, but it’s work that deepens your ability to serve, understand, and grow with your customers. In this journey of marketing, you’re not just selling a product or service; you’re building a legacy of value, understanding, and adaptability that transcends the immediate and sets the foundation for lasting success.

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